Rebetiko singing training on Skopelos Island

July 2020

Information and Reservation : Nicolas SYROS

Phone : 0033 - 0030 697 316 4989
Email : nicolas.syros@gmail.com

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Recommended readings:

BD Rébétiko (La mauvaise herbe) de David Prudhomme, Edition Futuropolis
Through these Greek musicians who, before second war, sang at night what they lived in the daytime, David Prudhomme signs one of quite big graphic novel of these last years...

Songs of the Greek Underworld: A Rebetika Tradition by Elias Petropoulos
Elias Petropoulos is an anthropologist who is regarded as one of the first historians of the Rebetic style.

La Grèce de l'ombre by Jacques Lacarrière and Michel Volkovitch

120 rebetika translated and introduced by the authors. Appearing around 1920 in the low-ends of Greek towns, rebetic songs went through an incredible success during the '50s. Just like Argentinian tangos or black American blues, they express the depth of soul of Greek people. A real treasure. 

Rebetiko : un chant grec (1 audio CD) by Elèni Cohen (author) and Corinne Syros (illustrations).

Just like the blues, the fado, but lesser known than them, rebetiko is the song of uprooted people flourishing like a wild flower on cities' tarmac... It is the fascinating story of these modern Villon and their music which Eleni Cohen offers us...


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